Are you blogless in a blogging world?


Got Blog?  Does your business need a way to communicate with clients that’s informal, timely and doesn’t require a webmaster or a big budget? (Imagine a newsletter without the costs of paper, without the fuss of folding, addressing, mailing and postage.) Or do you already have a blog, a special place on the Web, but hate the writing part?

Then consider calling in Blog Bunny

Mel Walsh can help with all these things. She can get you up on the Web with a domain name and a simple blog and you take the reins or…. she can look after you on a regular basis, writing your content and posting as your needs dictate. She can hook you into Twitter and Facebook if you seek exposure in the social media and place keywords in your content and tags so you’ll turn up in Google searches.

Been there, done that, still doing it: Highly experienced with 20 years of freelance writing in Silicon Valley for clients such as IBM, Wells Fargo, Pac Bell and HP, Mel is also the author of four non-fiction books, a food columnist who was syndicated by King Features and featured in the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle. She’s written for national magazines and been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine. For more info about Mel and her specific services, click Mel Walsh at the top of the page.

Though Mel lives in Northern California, she can work with you wherever you are. If you want to interview her face to face on Skype, so much the better. She can do almost any subject, but has recent training in gerontology, the study of older life forms. She’d be the perfect partner for a company that considers life and health after 50. See her blogs:

Look for her latest book on Amazon,  HOT GRANNY, Chronicle Books, as seen on the CBS Morning Show.

Mel’s current areas of special interest: products and services for seniors, general health services, food and wine, art and music, CA agricultural products, residential real estate, Monterey Bay area tourism.  

Whatever your particular subject, you can choose your own look—-clean and modern, artsy craftsy, magazine style, grunge, all business, light and airy, care and comfort, back to nature—many looks are available.  I can make a simple WordPress blog in a day or two after hearing your needs. And if all you need is writing polished up and shining, I can take a rough draft of something you wrote—maybe 400-500 words you threw together—and rework it so even you like it. And so will your readers. Email:
Blog Bunny at your service…

More info about Mel and her services:


Tale of a Bad, Bad Blog

Sure ways to turn readers off…

1. Unwanted Audio: When surfers click on a blog that opens with music, the noise is certainly heard—all over their offices, all over their houses—waking the person in the next cubicle, waking the baby on the shoulder.

2. Long, long entries: Nobody has the time for this. If you have a big subject, break it up into several blog posts. Blog posts should be no longer than 500 words. Sometimes a shorter post can pack lots of impact.

3. Boring writing that goes on and one and isn’t broken up into paragraphs or even sentences and doesn’t have punctuation or headings as signposts to tell you where you are going and repeats itself over and over again and then just kind of peters out with no call to action or satisfying ending but just kind of lies there on the screen like a doormat of words signifying nothing.

4. No visuals. The bad bad blog has no visuals to break up the words. This blogger has no idea he/she can get visuals for free on Flickr’s Creative Commons. Just give credit like this:

Blog Girl by Mike Licht

And like this: This blog’s header is by Bill Kuffrey/Flickr

5.  Shutting off comments. The bad blog is a one-way street. Arrange for comments—just an easy click on WordPress. That’s how to make a blog interactive and how to invite people in and not slam the door on their fingers. Not to worry, though. The comments come to you first for a look-see. You say who gets published and who gets tossed.

6. False promises. If you lie, half-lie or omit critical points, a dragon will come down from the sky and eat your blog.

By Audreyjm529

Ok, that was a false promise, but blogs saying anyone can earn $100,000 a year as a blogger deserve to be cited by the truth police.

And now… shameless self-promotion: let the Blog Bunny, Mel Walsh, worry about your blog posts. Email: There be no dragons at Blog Bunny’s house.