Tale of a Bad, Bad Blog

Sure ways to turn readers off…

1. Unwanted Audio: When surfers click on a blog that opens with music, the noise is certainly heard—all over their offices, all over their houses—waking the person in the next cubicle, waking the baby on the shoulder.

2. Long, long entries: Nobody has the time for this. If you have a big subject, break it up into several blog posts. Blog posts should be no longer than 500 words. Sometimes a shorter post can pack lots of impact.

3. Boring writing that goes on and one and isn’t broken up into paragraphs or even sentences and doesn’t have punctuation or headings as signposts to tell you where you are going and repeats itself over and over again and then just kind of peters out with no call to action or satisfying ending but just kind of lies there on the screen like a doormat of words signifying nothing.

4. No visuals. The bad bad blog has no visuals to break up the words. This blogger has no idea he/she can get visuals for free on Flickr’s Creative Commons. Just give credit like this:

Blog Girl by Mike Licht

And like this: This blog’s header is by Bill Kuffrey/Flickr

5.  Shutting off comments. The bad blog is a one-way street. Arrange for comments—just an easy click on WordPress. That’s how to make a blog interactive and how to invite people in and not slam the door on their fingers. Not to worry, though. The comments come to you first for a look-see. You say who gets published and who gets tossed.

6. False promises. If you lie, half-lie or omit critical points, a dragon will come down from the sky and eat your blog.

By Audreyjm529

Ok, that was a false promise, but blogs saying anyone can earn $100,000 a year as a blogger deserve to be cited by the truth police.

And now… shameless self-promotion: let the Blog Bunny, Mel Walsh, worry about your blog posts. Email: 911blogbunny@gmail.com. There be no dragons at Blog Bunny’s house.


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