About Mel Walsh—experience, fees

Blog Bunny seeks good client matches in these areas: products and services for seniors, general health services, food and wine, art and music, CA agricultural products, residential real estate, Monterey Bay area tourism.   

Corporate Writing   A highly experienced writer, Mel worked in the corporate world for over 20 years as a freelancer with her office in San Francisco’s China Basin Building, writing for such companies as IBM, HP, Wells Fargo and Pacific Bell. On the agriculture side, as a product spokesperson, she’s also written for the California Black Olive Industry, Hill & Knowlton PR and Gallo Wineries.

Food & Wine Mel knows food, having written a cookbook, GUERRILLA COOKING, and been interviewed on the Food Channel. On the food front, she’s been syndicated by King Features with a column called Guerrilla Entertaining and written a weekly column about edible herbs for the San Jose Mercury News. Mel also knows a bit about wine. Besides representing a Gallo brand nationally, she owned a small chardonnay vineyard in Santa Cruz County where she made wine that–truth to tell—was probably among the worse produced in California, but that’s how she learned to be respectful of wine makers.

Books  In the world of publishing, Mel has written four non-fiction books, the hardcovers done by Morrow, Prentice Hall, St. Martin’s Press and Chronicle Books, the softcovers by Warner Books and Simon & Schuster. The subjects were health, family, cooking and most recently, living a great life after 50 (HOT GRANNY, Chronicle Books).

Columns & Magazines   In her pre-blogging life, Mel was a newspaper columnist. Besides her King Features column, she also had weekly columns in the San Jose Mercury News, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Business Journal, Metro and other newspapers. These hundreds of columns prepared Mel well for writing blog posts which are, in reality, just short columns. She’s also written for magazines such as O, The Oprah Magazine and Glamour.

Location & Methods   Mel lives in Northern California, but can work with any English-speaking person with a decent Internet connection. It’s all done simply through email and some phone conversations.  And, since so many people are afraid of blogs and frightened about writing for the Web, Mel gave her site a welcoming name: Blog Bunny—warm, fuzzy and yes, very productive. Clients can pay their fees through PayPal or company check.

Fees  The Blog Bunny’s fees are determined by the scope of the project and what research she may have to do. And if you have other needs—brochures, Web pages, Twitter tweets, Facebook entries, newsletters, press releases, feature stories, video scripts, radio scripts, interviews—she can do them too. Just don’t ask her to make wine. Do ask her for an estimate.

If you let Mel know what you have in mind, she’ll give you a quote that usually comes in the form of a range…not less than, not more than…though she has worked on a monthly retainer which gives peace of mind to both parties.

So fix your business writing breakdowns by contacting Mel at 911blogbunny@gmail.com.


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